Monday, January 14, 2013

Dining Out in Boston - Flour Bakery + Cafe

Hummus, Spinach, Tomato, Carrots, Sprouts Sandwich - Flour Bakery
Hummus, Spinach, Tomato, Carrots, Sprouts Sandwich - Flour Bakery

Flour has quickly become a favorite lunch spot in Boston. Evidenced by the fact that they keep expanding! A fourth location just opened in Back Bay, dangerously close to where I work. Before this, I had eaten Flour several times at catered business lunches. Their sandwiches are delicious, always a crowd pleaser. Since becoming vegan I still have a lunch option here!

Veega Flour BakeryThe vegan sandwich comes on fresh white bread with hummus, spinach, tomato, carrots, and sprouts (unfortunately they don't have any nifty names for their creations). The hummus is creamy, but you can still always find a few whole chickpeas hiding in your sandwich, which I love. It's a filling sandwich, especially due to the size. I was happy to discover you can order half sandwiches. 

Flour Bakery Muffins

Veega Flour Bakery Muffins
They also make a couple vegan baked goods. Since there was never a convenient Flour location previously, my boyfriend would surprise me on occasion by bringing home a Vegan Lowfat Chocolate Cake "muffin". On my recent visit to the new Back Bay spot I tried a Vegan Apple Cinnamon Muffin. It did not disappoint. There were huge chunks of apple surrounded by moist cake with a lovely cinnamon flavor. Yum! 

Vegan Apple Cinnamon Muffin - Flour Bakery
Vegan Apple Cinnamon Muffin - Flour Bakery

Fun facts about Flour:
  • Joanne Chang was featured on the Food Network series Throwdown with Bobby Flay for her ridiculously good sticky buns, which are on sale at Flour Bakery! Sadly I have never had one, and can't now due to the ingredients :(
    • She and her husband opened a Chinese restaurant called Myers + Chang in the South End. This place is awesome and even offers vegan dishes (future blog post...)
    • She's a marathon runner! I would like to know how you can operate a top-rated bakery and still walk a mile, let alone run 26.2.

Sandwiches at Flour Bakery Boston

Flour Bakery + Cafe
131 Clarendon Street
Boston, MA 02116

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