Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dining Out in Boston - Fazenda Coffee Roasters

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Fazenda Jamaica Plain Vegan
Lemon Pepper Tofu Sandwich - Fazenda Coffee Roasters

I stopped in to Fazenda Coffee Roasters quickly while on my trek around JP to put up flyers for my upcoming Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale. I should have tried the coffee, but I was too hungry and distracted by the vegan items on the menu. For lunch items they offer a couple of vegan sandwiches - Lemon Pepper Tofu and a Hummus sandwich, and a vegan salad - Tofu Chicken. They also sell vegan baked goods like donuts, cupcakes, and tarts brought in from Sabertooth Bakery. I wish they offered more in the way of lunch items, since my meal was delicious! This coffee shop is clean, modern, and decent-sized with lots of small tables and bar seating at the window. 

Fazenda Vegan MenuFor lunch I ordered a sandwich to go, the Lemon Pepper Tofu. This large sandwich is marinated tofu, hummus, olive tapenade, green peppers, and baby spinach, on soft and chewy ciabatta bread. I ordered it knowing I am not a fan of olives and thankfully that didn't matter, though the flavor was still there I thought the rest of the ingredients worked well. It was very gourmet, and brought in new flavors than what I'm used to for a vegan meal. I really enjoyed it and it was super filling. I'll be back for sure!

Fazenda Coffee Roasters
3710 Washington Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 

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