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Dining Out in London - Manna

Manna London

Sticky Toffee Pudding - Manna Vegan Blog Veega
Sticky Toffee Pudding - Manna

Manna is an all vegan restaurant located in Primrose Hill, a pricey more residential part of London compared to busier parts like Soho and Bloomsbury. I loved walking in this sleepy, quaint neighborhood with white townhouses and boutique shops. I met with a friend from the US who moved to London over a year ago, her vegan friend joined us for dinner. From my research I knew this historical (celebrating 47 years!) restaurant offered some of the traditional British fare, things I had never tried before even in non-vegan versions, like Bangers and Mash and Sticky Toffee Pudding, but even with the unknowns I was excited for a sit-down meal with good company. Manna is a small restaurant and although I called and couldn't get the reservation I wanted, there were empty tables throughout our dinner (a bit frustrating). 

Manna Mezze - Manna Veega Blog
Manna Mezze - Manna

Vegan Arancini - Manna
Manna Mezze, Arancini - Manna

Baja California Plate - Manna Vegan London
Baja California Plate - Manna
We started with the Manna Mezze to taste a variety of appetizers. I got to try the Arancini, Vegetable Tempura and Indian Pizza. All of them were delicious, though the Arancini and Indian Pizza were more unique and exciting. I enjoyed the sauces paired with each one. Though their menu changes often, the Organic Bangers and Mash is a constant. I ordered this dish for my entree, again I didn't have much to compare it to because I'd never tried the non-vegan version before. Sadly I wasn't in love with my dish, but it was good. It contained organic fennel and pumpkin seed sausages, on a parsnip and carrot mash with a red wine leek and thyme jus with onion rings. The vegan sausage had lots of seasoning and flavor, but the texture was a little too grainy. I of course loved the fried onion rings that topped the dish! My dining companions both ordered the Baja California Plate (sadly no longer on the menu) and really enjoyed it. Their meals were slightly more fresh and colorful than mine. Although already full, for dessert I had to get my hands on the Sticky Toffee Pudding. Luckily I was able to share it with my friend. It was presented beautifully with a flavor that was decadent and very sweet, certainly happy with this choice to end the meal!

Overall I enjoyed the appetizers and dessert the most. For this more relaxing, quiet dining experience compared to what I experienced in the city center, I would return here. The quality of food was high and service, despite being slow, was decent. In comparison to US prices, this wasn't a cheap meal, but I didn't feel like I was overpaying.

Organic Bangers and Mash - Manna Vegan London British
Organic Bangers and Mash - Manna
Mains, Entrees, Dinner Menu Manna Primrose Hill

Dessert Menu at Manna in London Vegan

4 Erksine Road
Primrose Hill
London, United Kingdom NW3 3AJ
Manna Restaurant London

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