Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dining Out in Boston - The Friendly Toast

The Friendly Toast Cambridge
Vegan Burrito - Veega
Vegan Valhalla - The Friendly Toast

When you walk into The Friendly Toast you are going back in time. The walls are painted a vibrant green and they are covered in wacky artwork and advertising from the 40s, 50s and 60s. It's fun, colorful, quirky, unique and unlike any other restaurant in the Boston area. There is another location, the first one that opened back in 1996, in Portsmouth, NH. In this cool atmosphere with interesting and laid back staff, you can feel comfortable and enjoy a great meal. They specialize in breakfast/brunch foods, but also offer a long list of sandwiches, wraps, and salads. There is a huge drink menu with creative concoctions. Be prepared for a nap afterwards. The portions are huge and the food is delicious so a food coma is very likely to set in post-meal. 

Funky Diner - Green Walls ArtworkThe Friendly Toast in Cambridge, MA 

Identifying itself as alternative, funky, and a little bit hipster it's no surprise that they are aware of the vegan diet. There is only one clearly labeled vegan option on the menu, but the waiters know what sides are okay and what other meals can be modified. I've had the Vegan Valhalla a couple of times. It's  a burrito made with a flour tortilla, sesame-baked tofu, brown rice, scallions, sauteed portobello mushrooms and baby spinach, with tahini sauce. It comes with your choice of side, I got the seasoned homefries. It is a very filling meal and can sometimes be a bit greasy, so I request it light on the oil. I really enjoy the savory flavor of it. It tastes like junk food and sure, it's not light on the calories, but the ingredients are still healthy and not processed (...just the tofu). 

Menu at Friendly Toast - Veega
Sandwich & Burrito Menu - The Friendly Toast

Vegan Valhalla - The Friendly Toast
Vegan Valhalla Burrito - The Friendly Toast

If you can help it, try to avoid the typical brunch hour because you will have a long wait with the hungry, hungover crowd. My advice - keep sleeping in long enough to go for a mid-afternoon meal :)

The Friendly Toast
1 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, MA 

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