Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dining Out in Boston - Grasshopper

Vegocracy Vegan Chinese Food
The No Name - Grasshopper Restaurant
Although I passed by this place many times throughout college and since then, I never tried it until becoming vegan. Located along Allston's "Vegan Way" it's not the easiest place to pick up takeout at as it's next to an intersection with busy street parking, but I plan to stick with takeout for now due to the not so cozy ambience for dining in. However, I must say the staff here is very friendly and fast! Also, I recently learned that the Boston Vegetarian Society hosts a monthly educational seminar at Grasshopper, giving it some street cred :)

Vegan Chinese Takeout
Takeout from Grasshopper
Grasshopper offers a large Chinese menu, with options like lo mein, dumplings, stir-fry, and all of it is vegan! Based on Yelp reviews, the only dish I've tried is The No Name so I can't really speak to the rest of the menu options. The description for The No Name reads battered gluten in a sweet and sour sauce served with assorted steamed vegetables and topped with sesame seeds, also comes with a side of brown rice atop a very small salad. This is a huge serving for about $13 and is really meant to be shared or saved for leftovers, as I do. 

When I crave junk food like back in my college days, this is the sort of meal that would satisfy me (except for the gluten-belly bloat after). I have to admit it's not the best quality food and part of me questions if it's that much healthier than regular Chinese food, but it is nice to have once in a while and I would recommend you give a try. 

1 North Beacon Street
Allston, MA 02134

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