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Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

Boston Vegetarian Food Festival Vegocracy


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 The 17th annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival took place last weekend - October 27th & 28th, 2012 - at the Reggie Lewis Athletic Center at Roxbury Community College. It's a free event open to the public. I opted to go on the first day at around noon. To describe it in one word I would say overwhelming! Now to describe it using more words.. :) Boy, was it crowded, but it was actually nice to see that so many other people are "veg-minded" like me. 

Sabertooth Vegan Bakery
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There were a ton of vendors set up at tables all throughout the gym, even spilling into the hall. Sponsors and exhibitors included vegan packaged food products, animal rights groups, vegan clothing and shoe retailers, book sellers, local restaurants and bakeries, and guest speakers. I was pleasantly surprised the majority if not all samples were vegan-friendly! With a sweet tooth like mine, I was even happier to take home a couple delicious baked goods from bakeries I wouldn't normally get the chance to try - including Cafe Indigo and Vegan Treats Bakery. My friends who came along were introduced to Daiya for the first time, and I finally tried Gardein. Both booths gave out coupons, which did the trick because we all went to Whole Foods within the same weekend to purchase our taste-tested vegan products. 

Vegan Treats Bakery - 

I'm glad I went - I was introduced to a number of new products and I plan to go again next year. I just wish the festival was held in a larger venue. There was not nearly enough room to accommodate tables and the huge crowd and it got hot fairly quickly. 

Learn more about this event on the Boston Vegetarian Society website.

Free Samples and Coupons Galore
Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

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