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Dining Out in New York City - Beyond Sushi

Beyond Sushi NYC
Spicy Mang & Sweet Tree Rolls - Beyond Sushi Vegan Blog Veega
Spicy Mang & Sweet Tree Rolls - Beyond Sushi

It took me so long to try this delicious all-vegan sushi spot, with locations throughout New York City. I went for dinner on a weeknight with my non-vegan friend who I know is open-minded and willing to try new restaurants! My hesitation with going before wasn't about the food, although going to an all-vegan sushi restaurant would deter me from inviting a number of my friends to join me, but I delayed going because it's a very casual almost counter-service only setup, so unfortunately you can't make much of a dining-out experience with it. 

What really sets this place apart is the creative and colorful menu that truly highlights vegetables in all their glory. The servings are huge and very reasonably priced. It's true you're not paying for fish, but you do get a specialty roll with eight pieces that would normally cost more than $10 at a traditional sushi place. You can and should take a peek at their menu online with high quality, gorgeous photography of each item. They also offer veggie bowls, salads, fresh wraps, juices, and premade desserts. You can order combo meals as well to pick and choose rolls, individual pieces, and wraps. 
Spicy Mang Roll - Beyond Sushi

I ordered the most popular Spicy Mang Roll, with black rice, avocado, mango, cucumber, spicy veggies and a toasted cayenne sauce and the Sweet Tree Roll with six-grain rice, avocado, sweet potato, alfafa sprouts and the same toasted cayenne sauce. Both rolls were delicious! I loved the creamy dressing on top, especially paired with the Spicy Mang Roll, because it did have a medium level of spice that hits you after your first bite. I also was a big fan of the unique whole grain rices that brought a richer, nuttier flavor than the typical sushi rice. I would have liked more fresh ginger on the side, but I'm sure I could have gotten that if I asked! :) I would order both again and two rolls was more than enough for a meal.

Roll of the Month - Beyond Sushi NYC Vegan
Roll of the Month - Beyond Sushi
To get the most out of my first visit I also tried the Roll of the Month which had black rice, braised saffron-infused pigeon peas, sweet pea and mint sauce, topped with chopped walnuts. This was a larger, single piece so I had to take one big bite to eat it all at once. It was good, but I preferred the bright flavors of my other rolls. Finally, because I was getting over a cold I added on a premade juice from their cooler, the Orange Coconut Juice. I enjoyed it, but it was a little watery, and not very sweet. My friend ordered the Strawberry Kiwi Yuzu Juice and enjoyed it more. She also got the Nutty Buddy Wrap instead of an individual roll, but after two full rolls she was too full to try it and brought it home!

Orange Coconut Juice - Beyond Sushi Fresh Juice Vegan
Orange Coconut Juice - Beyond Sushi
Nutty Buddy Wrap - Beyond Sushi NYC Veega Blog Vegan
Nutty Buddy Wrap - Beyond Sushi

Though I loved the food, the major flaw to the Beyond Sushi chain of restaurants is lack of seating. They present such elegant, beautiful dishes you'd expect the dining environment to match that, but sadly you're left fighting over table space with only three high-tops and end up elbow-to-elbow with strangers. Seems a waste to do takeout, but I guess that is the better option. I will be enjoying their food in the future, but likely as delivery, takeout, or an office catering order.

Beyond Sushi
229 East 14th Street
New York, NY 10003

Outside Beyond Sushi NYC Blog Veega
Union Square Location

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