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Dining Out in New York City - Hangawi

Hangawi Vegan Korean Restaurant - New York City
Vegetarian Dumplings - Hangawi

Korean Dining - No Shoes - NYCI've been to Hangawi on two separate occasions so far, once for my last birthday with my boyfriend and friends and once with my parents. Both times I made a reservation, which is recommended for this popular restaurant. It's a unique dining experience that begins with taking your shoes off upon entering. The atmosphere in this dimly lit restaurant is relaxing and calm, very zen, unlike the hustle and bustle of New York City. Even the waitstaff speaks in soft voices over the soothing music. You sit at low tables that have a cut-out space underneath for your legs. Don't worry, you won't be kneeling or sitting cross-legged during your meal, as I mistakenly thought when choosing an outfit. Be prepared for a pricier meal than most vegan establishments. It's a great date night spot for an intimate meal.

The menu is all vegan Korean cuisine. They also offer many gluten-free options. I've explored only a portion of the large menu during my two visits. Here is a quick description of the food I've tried:

Spicy Kimchi Mushroom Pancakes - Hangawi New York
Spicy Kimchi Mushroom Pancakes - Hangawi

Spicy Kimchi Mushroom Pancakes - A different take on traditional scallion pancakes, these were not spicy, but did have slightly more flavor and texture than the Chinese version. I wasn't blown away. A good way to start the meal regardless.

Organic Gluten-Free Kale Pancakes - Veega Vegan Blog
Organic Wheat-Free Kale Pancakes - These gluten-free pancakes were similar to the spicy kimchi variety, and not very flavorful, but a nice bite to get the meal going.

Gluten-Free Avocado Stone Bowl Rice - Served sizzling in a heavy stone bowl atop a wooden plank, this gluten-free dish includes avocado with a mix of vegetables and tofu served over brown rice with miso sauce. While a simple dish to prepare, it had great flavor and was filling and fun to eat while still crackling from the heat, just watch where you place your hand! 

Gluten-Free Vegan Avocado Stone Bowl Rice Hangawi
Avocado Stone Bowl Rice - Hangawi Restaurant

Vegan Crispy Mushroom in Sweet and Sour SauceCrispy Mushroom in Sweet and Sour Sauce - This dish was a winner. It's hard not to be when it's fried. Think of this as a more wholesome version of sweet and sour or General Tso's chicken. The sauce was delicious and it got a big thumbs up from my non-vegan friends.

Organic Maitake Mushrooms with Spinach - This dish was my mom's pick as she is the mushroom fan, not me. They served it with a side of brown rice, not pictured below. I had a couple bites and enjoyed it. The sauce was yummy and I liked all the veggies. 

Vegan Korean Cuisine - organic maitake mushrooms with spinach

Now on to dessert...

Gluten-Free Black Forest Cake - The cake was a tad dry unfortunately, which can happen with gluten-free versions of baked goods. It still had a rich chocolate flavor. I love chocolate cake when paired with vanilla frosting so this was worth the taste test...twice.

Soy Cheesecake at Hangawi RestaurantSoy Cheesecake - Delicious and could pass for real cheesecake in my opinion, though it has been over two years since I had a slice with dairy in it! This is a popular choice and I can see why. 

After 5pm there is a minimum order of $18 per person required. Even if you order just an entree for yourself, you'll reach this minimum, have no fear.

Vegan Soy Cheesecake at Hangawi Restaurant Soy Ice Cream
Soy Cheesecake Served With Soy Vanilla Almond Ice Cream - Hangawi

12 East 32nd Street
New York, NY 10016

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  1. Wow! yummy vegan fare.

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