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Dining In - Herbed Polenta Cutlets with Marsala Mushroom Ragout

Herbed Polenta Cutlets with Marsala Mushroom Ragout - Chloe's Kitchen

What I enjoyed most about this recipe was trying my hand at homemade polenta. What I did not enjoy was all the mushrooms! I mentioned previously that I'm not a fan of mushrooms, so it may seem odd that I would make a recipe that is full of them, but I've been proven wrong before and the success rate of Chloe's Kitchen recipes is pretty high. Unfortunately though, this one just didn't do it for me. I liked the taste and consistency of the polenta cutlets, but the mushroom ragout was too much. I also wish the meal had more protein to fill you up. I don't want to discourage you, give this a try and tell me what you think! Now that I know how to make polenta I might test out some other toppings. Allow plenty of prep time - the polenta needs at least 3 hours in the fridge before you can really begin the recipe. You can find this recipe and others in Chloe's Kitchen (buy your copy here).

Vegan Polenta Entree Veega

Herbed Polenta Cutlets
3 1/2 cups water
1 cup yellow cornmeal cornmeal, plus extra for coating later
1 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
2 tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped
2 tablespoons olive oil

Marsala Mushroom Ragout
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 onion, finely chopped
8 oz. shiitake mushrooms, trimmed and shopped
8 oz. crimini mushrooms, trimmed and chopped
Sea salt
Ground black pepper
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 cup Marsala wine
1 cup vegetable broth
2 tablespoons fresh parsley, chopped

To prepare polenta, lightly grease an 8-inch square pan. 

In a medium saucepan boil water, then add cornmeal slowly, stirring as you add to avoid clumps. Add salt and pepper. Reduce heat to low and cook uncovered for 5 to 10 minutes, stirring frequently. Mixture should thicken. When done add in parsley and season with more salt and pepper if needed. 

Transfer to prepared pan, let cool to room temperature, then cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 3 or more hours. 

Once chilled, use a 2-1/2 inch cookie cutter or glass to make polenta cutlets. Using a small plate with a about 1/4 cup of cornmeal coat the cutlets. 

Heat olive oil in a large skillet on medium-high heat. Cook polenta cutlets until golden brown on each side. Remove from heat and set aside on a paper towel covered plate (to soak up excess oil).

Herbed Polenta Cutlets
Cook Polenta Cutlets Until Golden Brown
To prepare Marsala mushroom ragout, heat olive oil in a large skillet on medium high heat. Add onions and mushrooms, cook until softened. Season with salt and pepper. Add garlic and continue cooking for a few more minutes.

Marsala Mushroom Ragout
Add Marsala wine and broth and heat until bubbling. Turn down heat to medium-low and cook for 20 minutes. Turn off heat and stir in chopped parsley. 

For serving, top polenta cutlets with mushroom mixture. 

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