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Dining Out in Boston - Naked Pizza

Naked Pizza Vegan Vegocracy

Daiya Naked Pizza vegocracy
Thin Crust Pizza with Daiya Cheese - Naked Pizza

"You're going to feel good. Promise, friendo."
True statement - it's pizza you don't have to regret eating.

A Mark Cuban and Robert Kraft investment, Naked Pizza popped up in Coolidge Corner about a year and a half ago. For those who haven't yet tried Naked Pizza, it brands itself as being different from other pizza joints because their focus is on wholesome, natural ingredients. Here's what they say about the crust: "our special prebiotic dough mix of more than 10 seeds and grains, fortified with probiotics, promotes digestive health and balance by stimulating the normal, beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract." Besides great marketing that also pushes this message, I can attest to actually feeling better after eating this pizza than the usual heavy feeling that comes from the traditional greasy cheesy pie. I ate at Naked before going vegan so I say that in reference to eating a regular cheese pizza.

Daiya cheese was just recently added to the menu in May at Naked Pizza. Unfortunately ordering it early on was quite a challenge since my local Naked Pizza never had it in stock! After about 3 attempts (and a $5 credit to my account) they finally came through and my boyfriend and I enjoyed a large Daiya covered pizza. It was delish! There has always been the option to veganize their pizza by ordering it without cheese and adding on veggies instead, since both the red sauce and crust are vegan. The Superbiotic is one veggie-loaded specialty option. A common complaint for this pizza shop is the price. The large is more like a medium size and with a $2 upcharge for Daiya it can get expensive quickly. I heard the company is looking to make a few changes - add new menu items, update the pricing model, etc. in an effort to improve customer satisfaction. I can certainly appreciate a company that adapts quickly to meet its customers' needs - it's the smartest way to run a business.

Naked Pizza
1331 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA 02246

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