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Dining Out in London - Tibits

A Mix of Delicious Vegan Dishes - Tibits London Buffet
A Mix of Delicious Vegan Dishes - Tibits

Buffet Food at Tibits London

I learned about Tibits from Chef Chloe Coscarelli's list of "must dine at" places in London. I was out and about on the Bank Holiday (May 4) enjoying the beautiful weather when I came across the lovely alley, known as Heddon Street with a handful of restaurants that had plentiful outdoor seating. Tidbits founded by three Swiss men is a vegetarian buffet-style restaurant that is pay-by-weight. I'll admit, this turned me off a bit before going. You might assume (like I did) when the kitchen tries to create so many dishes, 40 in total, and keeps them out for everybody to pick at, that the quality suffers. It did not, let me tell you! I enjoyed my meal so much that I cleared my large plate then went back for takeout on both dinner and desserts. I think I shocked the cashier when I downed so much food! I made sure to come back for another visit later in my trip, too.

Vegan Herb Dressing from Tibits London Veega
The rare find, a vegan creamy dressing!
Tibits offers a ton of vegan and gluten-free options, everything is labeled and it seemed at least 90% of the options were vegan. You'll find a mix of hot and cold sides and entrees. Some of the highlights on my plate were the Swiss Chard Lasagna, Orcchiette Pasta with Tofu, Japanese Noodle Salad, Creamy Herb Dressing, Gnocchi, Falafel, Red Pepper Hummus. For dessert I was already thrilled to have more than one vegan option so I took a whole box home with me of Sticky Toffee Pudding, Chocolate Chai Cream, Rhubarb and Apple Crumble and Victoria Sponge Cake. I also ordered a fruit juice that sounded appealing, named Tutti Frutti, with orange, kiwi, apple, pear, banana, and sea buckthorn syrup (what's this? I didn't know either, it's an herb with many health benefits including vitamin C)!

Tutti Frutti Juice - Tibits
Tutti Frutti Juice - Tibits

I could eat here almost everyday, but cost-wise, it can get expensive if you're not careful, my first plate cost about $15 USD. There is so much variety, so much to choose from, and everything I tried was delicious. Buffets can be overwhelming, so given more time I would soon discover my favorite items, until next time... or maybe a trip to Switzerland?

12-14 Heddon Street
London, England W1B 4DA
Tibits Website

Tibits on Heddon Street in London

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