Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dining Out in New York City - S'MAC


Vegan Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese with Broccoli - S'MAC NYC
Vegan Nosh with Roasted Tomatoes, Spinach with Garlic & Broccoli 
with Gluten-Free Pasta and No Breadcrumbs - S'MAC

Before heading into my first ever juice cleanse (post on that coming soon!), I wanted to treat myself to a yummy meal without overdoing it. I've been researching vegan-friendly restaurants in my new neighborhood in NYC and found a macaroni and cheese place, yes that's right, mac 'n' cheese in as many ways as you could want it, including vegan! It's called S'MAC - stands for Sarita's Macaroni and Cheese and they have two locations in the city, one in Murray Hill and one in East Village. I saw they were also listed on Seamless, an online food delivery service. 

Vegan & Gluten-Free Menu Items at Sarita's Mac & Cheese
Vegan & Gluten-Free Menu! - S'MAC
I took a walk there and ended up ordering a vegan AND gluten-free meal - who would have thought you could have both and not sacrifice on flavor for a mac 'n' cheese dish? I ordered the smallest size called "Nosh" with three mix-ins - Roasted Tomatoes, Spinach with Garlic, and Broccoli. Instead of cheese, the sauce is made with coconut milk, rice flour, potato flour, palm oil, organic palm shortening, Marmite (not to be confused with Vegemite), and salt and pepper. I requested mine with gluten-free macaroni for an additional $1.50 and left off the breadcrumbs. I was surprised at how fast they prepared my order. It comes in a small paper bowl inside a pizza box. I took it home and devoured it :) 

Vegan Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese Served in a Pizza Box! S'MAC
Mac & Cheese Served in a Pizza Box!
For a dish like this it would take a lot more effort preparing at home - see a couple of my favorite vegan macaroni and cheese recipes - so I enjoyed not having to dirty a dish to get something similar to what I've made in the past. It didn't have a very cheesy flavor, so be warned you're not going to get a replica of a traditional mac and cheese with this. There was a slight coconut flavor, but I didn't mind it. It was creamy and filling. I liked that it was one serving versus the recipes, which make family sized meals and often result in overeating. I can see myself ordering this again online for a future weekend "takeout kind of night". There are many different mix-in combinations left to try!

Mac & Cheese Served in a Pizza Box!

S'MAC NYC - Vegan Mac & Cheese

S'MAC (Murray Hill)
157 E 33rd Street (between Lexington & 3rd Avenue)
New York, NY 10016
S'MAC - Sarita's Mac & Cheese

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