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Dining Out in Boca Raton - Darbster

Vegan Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Blog Veega
Meatloaf - Darbster

The last time I visited Boca Raton on vacation, this vegan restaurant didn't exist, and that was only 2 years ago! Needless to say, I was excited when my boyfriend's mother told me she made reservations for us to try it out for dinner on our recent trip. We went on a rainy night, but sat outside on the covered patio area. We were accompanied by a handful of other families, so it looks like a popular place, despite the not so desirable location in a small shopping plaza.

As the "vegan queen" I requested that my boyfriend's family try as much of the menu as possible so I could get a good sense of the food and taste test it all ;). With drinks in hand, we started with appetizers. We ordered one special which was the Nacho Flatbread Pizza and the popular Palm Cakes. I preferred the Flatbread over the Palm Cakes, but both were delicious. The Palm Cakes were similar to a crab cake, but made with hearts of palm, caper remoulade, tahini served over baby greens. The special Nacho Flatbread Pizza had all the fixings of (vegan) nachos served on a flatbread split into four servings, vegan queso, black beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream. I would definitely get this again; it was creamy, crunchy, and filling.

Hearts of Palm Appetizer, Vegan Palm Cakes, FL Boca Raton Restaurant
Palm Cakes - Darbster

Vegan Nacho Flatbread - Darbster FL Veega Blog Pizza
Nacho Flatbread (Special) - Darbster

Cordon Bleu - Darbster
For entrees, my boyfriend ordered the dish highly rated by Yelpers (and non-vegans) the Cordon Bleu. From his cleared plate and the one and only bite I was allowed, I think it was a winner, with lots of yummy things going on: soy ham with crispy Gardein roulade, spinach, Daiya mozzarella, roasted tomato b├ęchamel, mashed Yukon potatoes, and tarragon broccoli. His father, also a meat lover, ordered the Meatloaf. He also cleared his plate and from my bite of this, it's something I would order next time. It was a bacon and cheese meatloaf as the core, served with smashed potatoes, garlic haricot vert, crispy leeks, with a vegetable demi glaze. My boyfriend's mother ordered the Avocado Curry Stew, one I had been eyeing. It's served cold because it's raw, and was made up of avocado, almond milk, ginger, garlic, lime, raisins, crunchy sprouts, carrots, onion, cayenne, and spiced cashews. She enjoyed it. I also went with a gluten-free, raw dish because I was on a health kick that week (up until dessert... when I spiraled out of control), although the name of my dish doesn't really suggest it's healthy, Bacon Cheeze Burger. This was an herb burger, topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion, cashew cheese, dill cashew mayo, eggplant bacon, on sprouted buckwheat bread, with a mixed green salad on the side. It was flavorful, hearty, and easier to eat than some other veggie burgers I've tried that are mushy and fall apart. I loved the creamy dressings on it and was immediately full.

Vegan Avocado Curry Stew - Darbster Blog Veega
Avocado Curry Stew - Darbster

Vegan Dessert Strawberry Layer Cake
Strawberry Layer Cake - Darbster
Now onto dessert, the Strawberry Layer Cake is to die for! The serving was enormous, like shockingly enormous, and even more so when I shockingly almost finished it, leaving only a crumb on the plate! I admit I had a little help from my boyfriend and his dad, but let's face it I was hoarding it. What I loved was the dense, moist cake that wasn't overly sweet with layers of subtle strawberry-flavored frosting. My boyfriend's mother ordered the special, it was Mexican Horchata Chia 
Pudding, a chia seed pudding, with burnt cinnamon, raisins, black figs, coconut flakes topped with coconut whipped cream. I took a few bites of this beautiful looking, gluten-free dish and loved it. She did as well, and noted the next morning that the chia seeds really do give you energy, unfortunately it kept her up all night!

Horchata Chia Pudding - Darbster Boca Raton
Horchata Chia Pudding - Darbster
We almost went back just a couple days later, but instead dined in. With so much variety and a satisfying experience that left my taste buds happy, I will be back for sure!

6299 N Federal Highway
Boca Raton, FL 33487

Darbster in Boca Raton Florida - Veega - Vegan Restaurant

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