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Dining Out in New York City - Two Boots Pizza

Two Boots Pizza Logo - Veega

V for Vegan Pizza - Two Boots (NYC) Veega
V for Vegan Pizza - Two Boots

This could really be titled a "Dining In" post, because I ordered delivery, something I haven't done since college! You'd think living in NYC means I can walk outside and find a meal within a few blocks, and while that is true when the temperature drops and you have websites like Seamless it's so tempting to just order online and never leave your building! 

Two Boots NYC Pizza BoxA pizza craving hit me this weekend and I needed to satisfy it so I checked off one of the places I learned about from another vegan blogger. In what some might consider the pizza capital of the world, second of course to Italy, I had high hopes of finding delicious pizza here even with the added challenge of being vegan-friendly. I now have a decent list to work through, and Two Boots was first. They have multiple locations throughout NYC and beyond, like Baltimore, LA, and Jersey City. It's easy to order online and they are open until 4:30am on weekends and 2am on Thursdays. That spells trouble!

Vegan Pizza - NYC - Veega Blog
I loved that it was simple to spot my vegan options on the menu at Two Boots. There are two speciality vegan pizzas (Earth Mother and V for Vegan) and a make-your-own option. I opted for the V for Vegan Pizza with whole wheat crust topped with a generous helping of Daiya dairy-free cheese, artichokes, red onions, shiitake mushrooms, basil pesto and red pepper pesto. It packed more flavor than a lot of the non-vegan pizzas I've had! It's also nice to look at with all the veggies and stripes of pesto giving it extra color. 

The small size was plenty for me. I had to control myself and not eat the whole thing. For leftovers, it's great cold, but got a little soggy when reheated in the microwave with all the cheese and veggies layered on, so I recommend reheating in the oven. I have a feeling you could convince a non-vegan to try this pie and get a positive response!

Vegan Pizza from Two Boots NYC

Two Boots
Multiple Locations Throughout New York City

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